E-Commerce Logistics & Fulfillment Services Singapore

E-Commerce Logistics & Fulfillment Services Singapore

With the rising trend of consumers shopping online, e-commerce logistics in Singapore has become one of the main channels to grow your revenue. According to Statista, total revenue in the e-commerce business is expected to grow 18.1% annually from 2018-2022, leading to a total market revenue of US$8,005m by 2022. This market growth in e-commerce has resulted in the increasing demand for e-commerce warehousing and order fulfillment services, as businesses need to move their products across borders to reach their end consumers. In ensuring that retail operations are running smoothly, warehouses have advanced by bringing in sophisticated technology to its facilities.

Whether you are looking for the most cost-effective manner of shipping e-commerce products or you are calling for quicker commercial clearance with a secure shipment, our e commerce fulfilment services provide the ideal solution to your shipping needs and e-commerce demands.

At RLT, we support your logistic processes by providing reliable e-commerce warehousing and order fulfillment services which allow you to focus on other core aspects of your online business. Our warehouses are equipped with high-technology logistic systems that will provide a seamless process of storing your items nearer to your customers and delivering them within a short lead time. Backed with our well-built history and robust experience in the e-commerce industry, we simplify your logistic process with a wide range of international shipping services in over 200 countries around the world.

Our Services

Taking in Orders

Our team of professionals has the capability to record information in various formats and recording it into our e-commerce management system. Upon recording, our team will label each order in a systematic manner to ensure easy recognition and tracking.

Inventory Management

Upon the arrival of your products, they will be scanned and recorded in our web portal and you can track them from anywhere, at any time. With our Warehouse Management System (WMS), your products in our e-commerce warehouses will be properly handled to ensure that they are well-accounted for with no damages.

Pick and Pack 

We highly value efficiency in our e-commerce storage services as we understand that on-time fulfilment in your e-commerce business is important in bringing in online profits. RLT has developed a systematic pick and pack procedure that reduced time and manpower in our ecommerce storage. Now, ecommerce orders can be collected and instantly confirmed for accuracy during the scanning process at our packing section.

Orders Fulfillment

While e-commerce storage is a crucial part of our entire ecommerce fulfilment service, we also pride ourselves in handling your outbound shipments for you. Our prominent relationships with reputable 3PL shipping companies like DHL has allowed us to optimise the shipment of your e-commerce goods.

Dedicated Service

An RLT expert from our customer service team will be designated to assist you if there are any queries on our operations from your end. He/She will also be responsible for keeping you up-to-date on your order status, delivery status, and current inventory.