Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Dealing with inventory can be a nightmare to many businesses and therefore, Inventory Management service has become a necessity to every business owner who operates with an inventory. In Inventory management, the main goal we follow is ensuring that inventory levels are well-balanced to avoid holding on to excessive stocks or facing a stockout. Hence, a wide range of data is used to record the products as they go through the delivery process and these data include, serial numbers, products’ quantity and cost, and the respective dates of arrival.

At RLT, our team of experts realized that most business owners have no knowledge on how much inventory they have on hand and this has led to costly mistakes in their businesses. RLT’s experts will help you optimize and organize all aspects of your inventory operations, ensuring that stocks are available to meet your demands as and when required. Our experts will implement proven Inventory Management techniques that will keep your storage costs low and profit margins high.

Our Services

High Inventory Accuracy 

RLT provides several features in our system which gives you accurate visibility over your inventory movement. You will be given access to check the inventory of your stocks, spare parts, consumables and other assets. Our process is kept lean to minimize any errors that will negatively impact your operations. This has allowed us to achieve a 99% track record in our inventory management service.


Our Inventory Management service consists of state-of-art technology that allows us to store and categorize each specific product in a detailed manner. This allows you to replenish stocks that you specifically need, right down to its specific characteristics like colour, size, shape and even expiry dates. Our efficient process allows us to replenish your stocks under a short lead time so that your business operations will never face the problem of stockouts.

Real-Time Data

RLT understands how delayed fulfilment and stock-outs can result in higher costs and lower customer satisfaction, leading to negative impacts on your business. Therefore, we have developed the technology which allows you to leverage on real-time inventory information in your operations planning. You can now enjoy the benefit of tracking your existing inventory at any point in time and optimising your inventory with higher accuracy and ease.


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