Storage Management

Storage Management

Storage is an important aspect of every supply chain operation. While companies tend to view storage management as a demanding task, it can be a tremendous benefit when it is managed and coordinated properly. Storage management is often seen as filling a huge warehouse with pallets of bulk goods and waiting for them to be delivered out to the end consumers. RLT’s warehousing experts acknowledge that there is so much more to secure and cost-effective storage management than simply placing goods in a warehouse. In today’s globalized environment, owning a robust storage warehousing strategy is crucial to a company’s success.

Our Services

Listed below are some of the services that we provide at RLT:

  • Warehouse Management system (WMS) for storage management and control
  • Inventory control through Bar Coding, SKU number, Shipment Description, Colour Code and many more
  • Customization in Handling, Pallet Services, and Stretch Wrapping
  • Reverse Inventory
  • Efficient Labeling, Strapping, Banding, Plastic and Metal
  • Accurate storage control by product category
  • Pick and Pack Services
  • Tracking inventories in unit level and carton level

Warehousing with RLT

Technology is key to deriving a smart storage management strategy. RLT owns a safe, cutting-edge, web-based inventory management system which allows you to monitor your inventories wherever and whenever you like. Our services which include barcoding capabilities are included to help you track your stocks from right from the get-go so that you can manage better and improve your fulfilment processes.

If you want to gain a competitive edge over your competitors and attain a stronger market position, having a strong storage management can make a big difference to it. Making the choice to engage us as your 3PL warehousing centre can effectively ease the pressure of storage management problems, directly helping you to focus on your core operations.

All of RLT storage management services are customized to meet your specific needs. With our efficient and trustworthy storage management service, you can be sure that you will meet have better goods assessment, finer planning for seasonal changes, and greater vision in looking out for upcoming trends.

With our storage services armed with state-of-art technology capabilities that could meet our customers’ needs, we assure that your items are well-managed and accounted for. Our team of logistics experts prioritize time and efficiency and therefore we will provide consistent support to ensure that your operations are running smoothly.

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